Prime - Virgin Form

We are dealing with various forms of Virgin material mainly PE, PP, and PVC. We can supply Prime, Near to Prime, Off Spec, Off Grade, Wide Spec, Powders and Sweeps. The purchased raw materials can be delivered in any conceivable packaging: In bulk carriers up to 25 tons, in 25 kg bags on pallets, in octabins, in big bags.

Reprocess Granule

Bearing in mind the demand in market for recycled plastic granule/pellets. We are continuously involved with pelletizing. In common, we are producing PE, PP and PS reprogranules for various applications, colors and grades


We regrind plastics together from Industrial or post-consumer waste and source regrinds. These regrinds are either sold as washed or unwashed. We source regrinds of PE, PET, PC, PVC and PS.


We have a wide collection of materials for people having their own recycling facilities, whose concern is to make specific quality and grade. We can source scrap material for PC, PP, PE, PS, PMMA, ABS and PVC.


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