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Welcome To Green House Plastics

Green House Plastics is a plastic recycling sourcing company head office  in the UAE, having regional offices in United Kingdom and Pakistan.  Green House Plastics source to the world’s polymer necessities for prime, near prime, off spec, off grade, recycled resin and scrap. we are now a known  name in sourcing from Middle East  With a joint trading and processing volume of thousands of MT per annum, Green House Plastics exports to over 35 countries with South East Asia, Far East Asia, Eastern Europe, CIS, North Africa and Latin America being the primary markets.

We have bulk material handling capability and can handle 150-200 MT of bulk material on a daily basis depending upon the packing need. As of now we are planning to enhance this capacity to 300 MT per day. Separately from the prime and near-prime materials, we handle all type of wastes coming out of a polymerization plants like: plant sweeps, blow down powders, reactor powders, lumps etc. We have strong associations with leading players in the petrochemical business in UAE, SAUDI ARABIA, OMAN, QATAR and KUWAIT